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Expert management of your technological universe

At Privateer, we shape the technological future of businesses with unparalleled expertise and vision. Our consultancy has established itself as a leader in digital transformation, providing personalized and innovative solutions for every unique challenge.


Our team, comprised of diverse and neuro-atypical talents, is passionate about creating tailored strategies that transcend conventional norms.


We support our clients with a full range of services, from strategic IT management to process optimization, including the development of Cloud solutions and data security. With Privateer, your business is not only equipped for the present; she is prepared for the future.​

Our Services

Our services

Our services at Privateer are designed to address the most complex technology and management challenges. From DevOps assurance to digital transformation to time-shared CIO/CTO expertise, we offer a range of solutions that cover all aspects of modern technology. Each service is customized to perfectly fit the specific needs of your business, ensuring not only an effective solution but also a true strategic transformation.

DevOps Guarantee

Simplify your infrastructure management while freeing your team to focus on innovation.

Digital Transformation

Evolve your business with our digital transformation expertise.

Audit & Advice

Get informed advice to optimize your operations and maximize your performance.

Training & Mentoring

Access world-class expertise to train and guide your team to excellence.

Cloud infrastructure

Opt for a Cloud infrastructure backed by our experts for seamless performance and scalability.

Data Security

Guarantee the protection of your data with our personalized security solutions.

Our team of seasoned professionals is ready to take on the most complex challenges to help you achieve your goals.

Why choose Privateer?

Opting for Privateer means choosing a partner who deeply understands the nuances of technology and management. Our team, rich in diversity and neuro-atypical perspectives, brings a unique creative and strategic dimension to each project. We are committed to not only solving your current problems, but also anticipating future challenges, providing you with tools and strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Our approach is based on a holistic understanding of your business, ensuring that the solutions offered resonate with your overall objectives and drive sustainable growth.

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